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Here’s a no-brainer; car locks are very different from locks that we put on our houses and business properties. However, you’d be surprise to know that many remain unaware of this widely known fact.

Moreover, many people are also not aware that locksmiths can deal with almost any situation involving the many keyholes located on a car—because besides knowing how to pick locks, locksmiths are also carpenters, machinists, mechanics and security specialists.


So here are the many ways that an auto locksmith can help you get out of a jam.

Unlock the Lock

This is the most basic thing that a locksmith can do; unlock your car door, bonnet, or trunk because you misplaced your keys or left them inside. But a locksmith can take it one step further when it comes to unlocking doors.

Professional locksmiths have the ability to replace and repair damaged locks. They will skillfully fix your jammed door, or broken bonnet latch for a small price compared to what an authorized dealer would charge.

A Broken Key

It is not uncommon for a key to break in the keyhole and lock pickers can pry them out in little to no time so that you can be on your way.

Replacement Keys

Locksmiths are also perfectly capable of preparing replacement keys for your car, in case they were stolen. While making keys for old cars is fairly straightforward, it gets tricky for cars made from 1995 onwards as these have transponder chips installed on them and cannot be unlocked with just any replacement key.

Yet, certified locksmiths have the ability to reprogram the car to accept the new replacement key at a price that will, again, be marginal compared to what a car dealership would charge for the same job.

2A locksmith can also reprogram your car to not accept the old keys once the new ones are ready, something that is especially important if your car keys were stolen.

Locksmiths’ entire profession relies on their mastery over keyholes and this includes the ignition. Despite their complexity, locksmiths are perfectly capable of completely replacing ignition switches so that you can start your car. They can help you irrespective of the type of vehicle; cars, bikes, SUVs, semis, a good locksmith will get you the finest service so that you can be on your way.

In many ways, getting locked out of one’s car is a far worse experience than getting locked out of the house. Because in that case, you do not have the help of neighbors until a locksmith arrives. So do not waste your time and call us for an emergency locksmith in Boynton Beach and if all goes well, you will be back in your car in under an hour.