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We all have misguided ideas about something or another. But that does not mean that we allow these misconceptions to persist in our minds. Here are four myths about the locksmith trade that you need to clear up so that you get the right locksmith service for yourself.

4All Locksmiths are Regulated

The thought of not being able to access one’s house or car is worrying enough, but being locked out at odd hours of the day can be panic inducing. Trouble always comes full throttle and it feels like you always get locked out of your house well past midnight, or out of your car when you urgently need to get somewhere. Scenarios like these can make people collapse under pressure and seek out the first locksmith they can get a hold of.

However, it is important that you stay calm and browse through your options. Many states do not require locksmiths to be licensed, nor do they have any regulations that ensure that people are accurately charged.

In Palm Beach County, locksmiths only need an occupational license, but the state does not govern how individual locksmiths will conduct their business.  An extensive apprenticeship is the best way for a person to become a qualified locksmith.

Many enterprising white collar criminals have capitalized on this lax of government oversight. It is very easy to be scammed by places that not only overcharge customers, but also perform a poor job. Nobody looks into the background of locksmith service providers. It is important to call a few different places and then get one of them to come help you.

Locksmiths Cannot Provide an Estimate on the Phone

This misconception is far from the truth. As long as you describe the nature of your lock and location accurately, a professional locksmith should be perfectly capable of giving you an estimate. You can use these estimates to select one which you think is the best for you.

But some locksmiths proclaim that they can only provide estimates on site and refuse to give you an estimate. Once they arrive, they dramatically overcharge customers for their services.

5Locksmiths Keep a Copy of the Key

The internet is a bastion of fringe conspiracy theories, rumors and misconceptions. Even the locksmith profession has not been spared by its collective ignorance.

The reality, however, is that professional locksmiths do NOT breach customer trust and confidentiality this way.

All Locksmiths Offer the Same Services

There are different kinds of locks that require a different set of skills and tools. Electronic locks are 6not the same as padlocks or dead bolt locks. Unlocking cars takes an entire different skill set; and even then, modern cars are different from old ones.

While some locksmiths might specialize in breaking open all kinds of locks; not all of them do and it is important that you verify that the service you are calling can actually help you in your situation.

We offer 24 hour locksmith services in Boynton Beach. Contact us if you need an emergency lock out service in the city, whether it is a car, house, or business.