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Locksmith Boynton Beach. How the locksmiths come up with how much to charge.


Everyone wants to know how we come up with these charges. Some locksmiths are downright thieves and other locksmiths work for pennies.


Basically, most locksmiths charge for a house call. This is just a charge for a locksmith driving to your house in his locksmith van, with all his equipment and inventory in tow. These rates can differ considerably depending on where you are, what time it is. This is called a service call. Typically this can range from $35-$200 depending on the service you require and the time you require it. These charges can even be more on national holidays or weekends.


Some locksmiths charge a ridiculously low price, just to get in the door. Don’t be fooled, no company can afford to send someone out for $10 or $20. Some unscrupulous locksmiths will start out with a very low service call to pick a lock. You’ll end up paying $10 for the service call, but up to $200 to drill the lock and replace it.


Some locksmiths include opening a door in their service call and some locksmiths charge less for the service call but additional to pick the lock.


The range throughout the country can vary from $29 to $100 for this service call and $5-$50 for a rekey. Of course a service call in the traffic of Manhattan or a service call in Podunk will vary significantly in price.


If you truly need an emergency service in 20 minutes, that can increase the price also. Of course, time of day makes the most noticeable difference.


The most popular job, that is the most common, is opening a car door. Now remember, you’re paying for the knowledge on how he can open the car door without breaking it. You’re also paying for a licensed (hopefully) locksmith and his Van to drive to your location. Probably you needed immediately also. This can vary widely also. The type of car can definitely change the price. I’ve spent three minutes or less opening an easy car and I’ve also spent an hour and a half and walked away unable to open the car. Personally if I can’t open a car you’ll pay nothing. But some locksmiths would like to have a service call for that. And maybe they deserve it. But I feel like I didn’t do anything you don’t have to pay me. I’m a pretty honest guy and I feel that way about safes also. I’ve spent five minutes and charged $75 to open a safe and I’ve spent three hours and have been unable to open it, and was paid nothing for my time.


When you call a locksmith, ask as many questions as it takes you to feel comfortable. The longer you could talk to the man the more you’ll know if you feel comfortable or not.


I’m not finished speaking about the locksmith costs, but my hands are getting tired from typing and I’m going to continue it another time. Locksmith Boynton Beach once you to feel comfortable with us. We want your business at locksmith Boynton Beach.