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It always seems like the most inconvenient of things happen at the worst of times. The same can be said for getting locked out of your car or house.

While being in a bind can be irritating, it is important to not rush to decisions and take rash steps. Too many people hire inept locksmiths in a hurry who, in a best case scenario, take far longer than it would normally take to unlock the property. Otherwise, they might damage the door while trying to open it; or worst of all, be unlicensed criminals gearing up for the act of robbery.


Therefore, it is vital that you be patient and take out a few extra minutes to take these steps to ensure that you get a safe and reliable locksmith to service your door.

License & Insurance

One of the most important things to make sure your locksmith has is a license. This ensures that they have the qualifications to perform a lock opening procedure and you do not need to be too concerned about any criminal intent.

Having insurance is also crucial; it is hectic enough that you got locked out. Do not make it potentially worse by hiring a locksmith who accidentally damages your property. Save yourself the trouble and just look for a locksmith that is insured.

Request an Upfront Estimate

Many locksmiths, including licensed ones, try to scam customers by promising ridiculously low rates in the beginning to make themselves seem attractive. They then increase their final demand after completing the work, citing unexpected costs that he or she did not foresee. Do not fall for this trick!

Any good locksmith should be able to assess the situation and provide you with a price range upfront.

In fact, they should be able to give you a quotation over the phone once you’ve described the problem. Yet, it is true that in some cases they need to reassess their estimate once they actually see the condition of the lock. Therefore, it is important that you confirm their estimate with them before they commence work.


Locksmiths are almost always needed on an urgent basis. Therefore, it would be very troublesome if the service that you hire was located the next town over and would need a few hours to reach you. Try looking for good locksmiths located near you to avoid such a hassle.

Another thing to ensure is that they can assist you at any time of the day, irrespective of time or weather. Emergencies are not restricted to time and any good locksmith service would operate 24 hours a day for maximum customer satisfaction.

The best thing you can do about hiring a locksmith is to select one beforehand. This way, you would not have to go over licenses and browse through options while you are unable to access your car or house.

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